This is The Prospect Pathfinder:

  • The Prospect Pathfinder Program: a power-packed workshop series and digital asset bundle that will dramatically shortcut the path to finding the ideal clients you've been dreaming to work with.
  • Power Hours: This is your 10-Day Prescription to cure the dry spells and get you clients in your roster ASAP. 
  • The Foundry Case Study: A behind the scenes look at a multiple six figure agency and how I got there as a new mom, wife and tons of different obstacles.
  • Bonus #1 Over 75+ Places (and constantly growing): Where you can find projects aka money right now! << You will make your money back and 10x it with JUST this item right here. 
  • Bonus #2 10-Day Accountability Program: where I will hold your hand through the entire program and cheer you on and empower you. We will crush your fears, objections, and struggles together. 
  • Bonus #3 Converting Pitch Swipe Files: These are some of the many swipe files we use to convert complete strangers into paying clients. Please make a copy of this file and then edit to your liking. 
  • Bonus #4 5 Beautifully Designed Portfolio Templates: You can plug and play in CANVA so that you can impress your prospects and increase your chances for success!
  • Bonus #5 Best Practices for How to Close a Discovery Call: These are our best kept secrets for successfully passing all the tests and application processes that prospects have for us when we pitch. 
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